Do you find yourself on the move for your significant other? Kingston is a beautiful city, filled with everything anyone could ever need. That said, there are three things the city has for the entrepreneurial soul that will seal the deal.

People – Whether your perfect client spends lots or little, Kingston has them all. The city is a thriving haven of consumers from government employees to professionals to just about any industry you can think of, all who love to buy local. As a new business you can tap into that stream.

Innovation – Whether it’s a start up grant or a connection to the Economic Development team, Kingston is steeped in new technology. You can explore that tech or use it to further your goals.

Complementary businesses – Kingston has a lot of businesses. Whether you look to them for referrals or supplies, you gain from looking in the limestone city.

Not sure what you should do in Kingston after you move? Maybe starting your own business is in the cards. If it is, you’ve chosen a great city to start it in.