South of Taylor Kidd

The community that lies between Taylor Kidd Blvd. and Bath Road is diverse, leading from commercial properties to family neighbourhoods. The homes range from single story homes to townhouses and vary in age. The community is situated perfectly to take advantage of the amenities of the RioCan Shopping centre as well as the commercial/retail services along Development Drive and Bath Road. The primary roads also give residents quick access towards the north to Walmart and Canadian Tire or Highway 401 beyond.


Bayridge, Hillwood, Hillview, Lawrence Park, Elmwood


There are two elementary schools and one secondary school in the community as well as a public library nearby on Gardiners Road as well as in Amherstview. You will also find the Kingston Learning College and the Oxford Learning Centre for tutoring children of all ages.

Bayridge Public School                                                              Ranking

Truedell Public School                                                               Ranking

Bayridge Secondary School                                                       Ranking   

It should be mentioned that in addition to Bayridge Secondary, students have access to Frontenac Secondary School which is found on Bath Road in the southwest corner of the community.


Though the community has quick access to the rest of the city, there are only two medical centres serving it directly. There are however, 7 dentists, 4 chiropractors, 5 massage therapists, and 4 physiotherapist clinics.

The medical services are well placed within the community so most of the residents can enjoy the services comfortably and many of them come well recommended, especially the physiotherapist clinics which rate very well on Google.

There are 6 pharmacies supporting the medical network as well.

Parks And Recreation

You won’t have to drive to enjoy the parks in the community. Additionally, there are many things to do for the entire family such as dog friendly options as well as baseball diamonds. You will find play-structures in many of the parks and the city does a good job of keeping them clean and kept.

A special mention should be given for Lawrence Park which is considered as one reviewer mentioned, one of the last old growth zones. They go on to call it, ‘magic.’

If you’re looking to let your kids burn off some steam, the Playtrium comes well recommended. The Limestone Boat and Board Club can also be found at Lemoine Point off Bath Road just outside the community.

There is a YMCA along Progress Ave. just east of Gardiners Road with a gym and a pool.

  • Hudson Park
  • Lombardy Park
  • Pimlico Park
  • Ashton Park
  • Bayridge Park
  • Hillview Park
  • Mona Lookout Park
  • John Grass Creek Park
  • Lawrence Park
  • Highgate Park
  • McCullough Park
  • Bayshore Park
  • Ridgewood Park
  • Lawrence Park
  • Arthur Lower Park
  • Maple Ridge Parkette


Along the western edge of the community, you will find the RioCan Centre which has many retail stores, including Winners, Best Buy, and Staples.

Within the community on Gardiners and bounded by McKay Street, you will also find many family-owned retail and commercial service establishments. There are several auto services as well as computer stores and landscaping establishments.

Among other shops, the community has access to a Beer store, 3 grocery stores, 13 hair salons, and 4 of the major banks and a credit union.

Through Bayridge Drive and Gardiners Road, residents can also gain quick access to Walmart, Toys-R-Us, Loblaws, and the LCBO, not to mention more banks.

Pet Services

The community is great for those with pets. Not only will you have services for emergencies, but for pampering too. There are 6 vet clinics, 8 groomers, and easy access to several pet supply stores such as Finadicts and PetSmart in the RioCan Centre. You will also have access to some of the parks if they need more than a simple walk.

Food and Entertainment

The community has several sit-down restaurants, including Bayview Farm Restaurant, Bella Bistro, and Boston Pizza, as well as, the Copper Penny, and the Pasta Shelf. You will also find your standard fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen. If you know the area well, you will come across a great sushi restaurant and several pubs serving a variety of different cuisines.

Raxx Bar and Grill offers pool and live music and the Cineplex Odeon Theatre can be found in the RioCan Centre across Gardiners Road.

Transportation and Walkability

This community is a little sprawling, however many of the simpler amenities are within walking distance such as your local grocery store and some restaurants. The side streets are a little windy and will take some time to get used to. It should be noted that several of the larger side streets have speed bumps aimed at reducing traveling speeds.

As a part of Kingston proper, you will also have good service in Kingston Transit.

Pride of Ownership

The community has been well kept with the single homes often accompanied by attached garages. The general upkeep of the homes is above average with care given to the lawns and gardens. Many homeowners have invested in swimming pools as well, thus improving their homes.


Much like the other communities that aren’t directly downtown, you have access to the sports bars and pubs as well as the Cineplex Odeon. That said, Bath Road will take you right downtown for other night time amenities.


This community is well situated to take advantage of what Kingston has to offer, especially if you work outside of town. You can either get downtown with Bath Road and Taylor Kidd Blvd. which also take you out towards Amherstview and beyond. Bayridge can give you access to the 401 north if you find Gardiners Road too busy. There are many homes in the area and you are sure to find a gem that’s in anyone’s price range.