Ridea is a unique neighbourhood in Kingston. Though much of the development is older, there are some new houses under construction in the northern section of the community. This district is bounded on the north by the 401, the east by the Great Cataraqui River, and the west by Division Street. More of a bedroom community, the area has excellent access to the downtown corridor by Division and Montreal Streets and when the third crossing of the River is completed by extending John Counter Street, residents will have easy access to the military base and the amenities of Kingston East



There are four elementary schools, Rideau Heights, Holy Family, J.G. Simcoe, and Mgr-Remi Gaulin. Although there is no secondary school, Regiopolis isn’t far south from the district. There are three registered daycare facilities with two more within walking distance and a public library in the northwest region of the district.

Rideau Heights                                                ranking

Holy Family                                                     ranking

J.G. Simcoe Public School                                ranking

Mgr-Remi Gaulin                                            ranking


Health and Medical

As a bedroom community, the district is designed for residents to enter other areas for their amenities. That said, there are two health centres with walk-in clinics, 1 dentist, and three pharmacies. There are five major roadways that can be used to either go downtown or across town as well as to the military base once the third crossing is completed.


Parks And Recreation

This community has ample greenspace for residents. There are 9 parks, including the Markers Acres Park which has a rink, the Daly Street Skate Park, as well as quick access to the Cataraqui Park and Belle Park Driving Range. The most prominent amenity is the well-reviewed and recently completed Rideau Heights Community Centre.


Retail and services

On the outskirts of the district, you will find King’s Lake Plaza, which has a pharmacy, a credit union, Bulk Barn, coin laundry and dry-cleaning facility, a Service Ontario, and several other services. Though there is limited retail space directly within the district, you only have to travel across Division Street to find a No Frills grocery store, A Canadian Tire, and a Beer Store. The King’s Court Crossing Outlet is within walking distance and has significant parking if you drive.

Living in the district, you will have access to 7 nearby automotive garages, 3 hair salons, ReStart Employment Services, and 5 gas stations.


Pet Services

Though they aren’t directly within the district, there are two veterinarians nearby and several more within a ten-minute drive via the 401. There is also an independent dog groomer as well as one situated in one of the vets’ offices.


Food and Entertainment 

There are several fast food outlets as you travel down Division Street including, McDonald’s, A&W, and Arby’s as well as an East Side Marios and a Montana’s Restaurant. There are also a few restaurants hidden in the district centre such as Wong’s Garden Restaurant and a Tim Horton’s along Montreal Street.

Across Division Street you will have access to the Landmark Cinemas and if you travel north on Division Street, you will find the Kingston Family Fun World Park. Community Spirit Bingo is across John Counter Street on Montreal Street.


Transportation and Walkability

The shining element of the district’s transportation are the major roads which give you access to the rest of the city and beyond. There are two 401 entrances and the third crossing will open up significant services across the Cataraqui River.

Though the area is bounded by several major roads, the interior streets can be a little confusing. Thankfully, there is good public-transit from the Kingston City buses and decent sidewalks for walking. Those places you need to drive to such as King’s Lake Plaza have ample parking.


Pride of Ownership

The houses in the area may not be mansions, but some are new and many are well cared for. The existing community is old enough that homeowners are beginning to renovate their homes with updates such as new roofs and interior upgrades. There is some potential for value increases if you find an older gem that needs upkeep, but many houses are move-in ready.

To the southwest corner of the community, you will find, Worthington Park, a mobile home park. Few people within the city would even know the park exists and the residents have given glowing reviews indicating it to be clean and well serviced.



As with several other districts that lie on the outskirts of the city, residents will have to travel downtown or across town to enjoy any nightlife; the exception being the Landmark Cinemas.



This community is a bedroom community. There is a mix of old and new houses. While the area lacks some amenities, it has perfect access through to the rest of the city and the exciting new prospects of the third crossing will bring new services, though admittedly more traffic.