• Ridgewood Estates
  • High Gate Park
  • Cedarwood
  • Sutton Place

Located to the west of Gardeners Road between Princess Street and Taylor Kidd, this community is well balanced with a range of new and old homes and many retail stores as well as service amenities. It has clear access to primary roads that will take you either downtown Kingston or out through Loyalist Township or North to Hwy 401 and beyond. The only draw back is the fact there will be limited development other than through highrise condos as most of the land has already been developed.



This community is very desirable for young families. The three elementary schools all chart very well against provincial counterparts, with Lancaster Drive Public almost breaking into the top 100. Holy Cross Secondary not only compares well to the other secondary schools in Kingston, but has a strong athletic program with various teams in different age groups.

The area has four registered daycare facilities, two more within walking distance, and a public library at the east end.

Holy Cross Secondary     6.3                                 Ranking

Archbishop O’Sullivan    7.3                                  Ranking

Mother Teresa    7.3                                              Ranking

Lancaster Drive Public School     8.7                     Ranking



With such a diverse population and great location, the community is served well with two medical centres, an afterhours clinic, and an urgent care centre. There are also eight dentists, three physiotherapists, four chiropractors, four pharmacies, and 4 optometrists at the Cataraqui Town Centre. Many of these professionals are interspersed throughout the community so you can reach them by foot.



As an older community, many older trees have been cultivated. More importantly, this has given rise to the opportunity for a lot of greenspace. There are seven parks, with kids’ playgrounds, green zones, and walk paths as well as dog friendly zones.

Out at the Woodbine Community Park, you will also find the Kingston BMX Track. Whether you plan to join or just watch, it’s a great time.

  • Old Colony Park
  • Bridle Path Park
  • Garden Walk Park
  • Durham Park
  • Lions Civic Gardens
  • Ridgewood Park
  • Kingston BMX Track
  • Woodbine Community Park



Much of the retail space will be found along the primary driving routes with a concentration in the north east corner of the community, the Cataraqui Town Centre.

There are several stand alone stores selling specialty items and it is only a short distance from the big box stores like BestBuy, Winners, and Staples as well as Walmart, Lowes, Canadian Tire to the north. There is also quick access to the Beer Store and LCBO.

Situated throughout the community, you will also have access to 6 banks or credit unions.

The Cataraqui Town Centre has many stores including the Hudson Bay Store, Indigo, and Sportscheck



There are two animal hospitals immediately within the community, but over 4 more within a ten minute drive. Additionally, there are two pet supplies stores with two more close by and a dog walker.

It should be noted that at least two of the greenzone parks in this community are dog friendly.



The community has over a dozen restaurants – sushi, pubs, deli’s, among others and many more in the Cat Town Centre.

When looking for your groceries, you can find a Metro in the south and a Loblaws as well as a Walmart to the north.

Don’t forget the aforementioned BMX field as well as a golf mini-putt and driving range.

Much like the retail services, many of the restaurants are found along the fringe zones. For some, you don’t even need a car to enjoy the Cineplex Odeon theatre, though if you do choose to drive your vehicle, there are enough gas stations.



Though several biking trails have been carved out of the greenzones, you will find only a few dedicated lanes or friendly roads and those only to the east near Gardeners Road.

The area is well placed between three major arteries into the city so you never have to worry about not being able to get your vehicle anywhere. Conversely, given the size of the area, you won’t likely be taking a quick walk for groceries unless you live close by to the specific amenity you need to use.

When choosing to walk, know that the sidewalks are in decent shape though aging.

The side streets can get a little confusing if you aren’t navigating by GPS.



As it is in the south, there aren’t many new housing builds. This does mean that development is usually established through renovations and upgrades. You will see many homes have had fresh paint jobs, while others will enjoy full upgrades.

There are many mature trees in the greenzones and in back yards.



The nightlife in this area is pretty much non-existent. You will have to travel to the Cineplex Odeon to south a few minutes or downtown.



This community offers many move-in ready homes. There are also some homes that though they look great will be ready for upgrades for those looking to spend a little to get a great return on investment.