The true centre of the city, the neighbourhoods East of Gardiners Road and bounded by Princess Street and Bath Road are some of the most densely commercial sections of the city. With several locations in the area dedicated to retail or commercial space, you will likely find many options for any need you may have. It is a fantastic location for some of the senior living homes that have been developed recently. The housing would be considered newer as well with many balancing the location with character.



Waterloo Village, Arbour Ridge, Bexley Gate



The one amenity that the community lacks are schools for both elementary and secondary students. There is one Catholic school, but otherwise students will have to use school buses or public transit to commute.

That said, there is a branch of the public library and 4 daycare facilities within the community and 3 just outside the community. You will also find the Loyola Adult Learning and the Learning Brick Training Centre.

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Health and Medical

With a smaller population in the immediate community, it actually serves the larger Kingston area. The community is great for those with medical and health requirements as many of the facilities are within walking distance. You will find: two medical centres and 4 more doctors in the area as well as 3 more just outside and the emergency walk-in clinic at the Cataraqui mall. There are also, 7 optometrists, 3 chiropractors with 3 more within walking distance, 2 dentists within the community and 7 more just outside the area, 6 massage therapists, including massage addicts which has several therapists, and 3 physiotherapists with 3 nearby.

The community is also served by 6 pharmacies.


Parks and Recreation

Though none of the 7 parks stand out from the rest, it’s great to see so much green space in the area. Many of the parks back onto properties so the residents are able to enjoy the greenspace in their back yards. The parks are well furnished with children’s play equipment.


Arbour Ridge Park

Bexley Gate Park

Grenville Park

Meadowbrooke Park

Parkside Park

Rivermeade Park

Trillium Ridge Park



This community has a high concentration of retail and commercial services. With three major thoroughfares bounding the community, each of the retail outlets are accessible by vehicle as well as foot traffic from close by. Easily accessible are the Frontenac mall and the Riocan Centre which has the Home Depot, Winners, Staples, and Best Buy.

The area boasts 6 grocery stores including Farm Boy and Food Basics as well as a Value Village and Costco in walking distance from the northern edge.

The area is well serviced for financial needs as well with all of the major banks and other mortgage brokers and services.


Pet Services

The community is perfect for animal lovers as it has 2 animal hospitals with 2 more within walking distance, 4 groomers and 4 more within walking distance, Pet Smart and Finaddicts for fish lovers.


Food and Entertainment

There are over a dozen restaurants, sit down and fast food catering to different tastes such as sushi, burgers, sandwiches, and Chinese, the latter being all you can eat at the Mandarin. Don’t worry about getting your morning coffee. There are in fact, 6 Tim Hortons

The Cineplex Odeon theatre can be found on the western side of the community along Gardiners Road while the Playtrium is just around the corner from it.


Transportation and Walkability

A smaller community, there are three primary roads serving the area, however the inlet streets are a little winding through the centre with cul-de-sacs serving the houses. The community is well served by Kingston Transit and you can either get out to the 401 via Gardiners Road and Sydenham Road or east and west via Bath Road, Princess Street, and Taylor Kidd Blvd.

Each of the smaller neighbourhoods lets out on the individual retail outlets so you are always near the amenities you need.


Pride of ownership

There are many relatively new two-story homes at the centre of the community along Centennial Blvd. Some of the other homes while looking good will likely need some updating for aesthetics in the kitchen and structural for roof shingles and furnaces. Overall, the homes are in decent condition, but balance character for access to amenities.

There are several newer buildings built as condos that are designed for senior living as well which offer home ownership without the physical requirements for upkeep.



Other than a few pubs and sports bars, including Jakk Tuesdays and the Cineplex Odeon, most of the nightlife in this community will be found downtown.



This community is excellent for those who need easy access to amenities such as retail or medical. The homes are in good shape, but may need some upkeep. You will have access to get further into the city or leave it altogether. The community has a great mix of accessibility and value.