Bounded by Princess Street to the south, Gardener’s Road to the East, and the 401 to the north, City North West is experiencing significant growth with several subdivisions in various states of development. The area has both semi-detached homes and large executive homes to support families of any size. It is well-located for access to the inner city or to the 401 and beyond.


There are two elementary schools, Cataraqui Woods and W.J. Holsgrove Public. There is no secondary school.  That said, as it is with many elements in this community, it is growing and it has great access to major traffic thoroughfares.

The area does have a registered daycare facility and two more within walking distance and a public library close by that’s accessible by car or city bus.

Cataraqui Woods Elementary School                Ranking

W.J. Holsgrove Public School                            


While the inner section of the community is dense with houses, the outskirts along Princess and Gardeners Road both have a large selection of health and medical professionals. Along those corridors, you will find, eight dentists, three physiotherapists, six chiropractors, four pharmacies, two optometrists, plus four more in the Cataraqui Town Centre. In fact, the Town Centre also has an emergency medical clinic


With heavy development, greenspace hasn’t caught up to this community. That said, they do enjoy a large park, Cat Woods Park and Woodbine park is just over Princess Street to the South.

Though more for commercial use, Caraco Home Field and the Kingston 1000 Island’s Sportsplex offer great access for organized sports.


As with the medical, much of the retail space is situated along the outskirts of the community. There you will find many unique stores as well as Lowes, Canadian Tire, and Toys R Us. Just inside from there, there is a Walmart, Beer Store, and an LCBO.

It warrants a mention that across Princess Street where it meets Gardener’s Road is the Cataraqui Town Centre, which boasts dozens of stores, sales events that bring in vendors to the hallways, and Santa for pictures at Christmas time.

There is a Bank of Montreal in the Town Centre as well as a National Bank in the community.

Additionally, it only takes a ten-minute drive or bus ride to get to some of the larger box stores such as Best Buy and Staples.


Given the community’s proximity to the major highways, it has been a great location for veterinarians. There are 4 vet hospitals to choose from for your fur-family. There are also three pet supplies stores and at least one dog walker and three dog groomers.


There are over a dozen restaurants. You can choose from fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or relax at more fine dining places like Minos Restaurant. There are 5+ pubs, a few pizza parlours and once again, the Town Centre offers dozens of different styles to choose from.

Both Walmart and Loblaws are within the community for your grocery needs.

When it comes to things to do, you can find the Invista Centre for hockey and other sport’s entertainment events as well as the Westbrook Golf course on the north west corner of the community.

Like City South West, a short drive or ride on public transit will get you to the Cineplex Odeon theatre and other restaurants and shopping.


The area is well designed with easy access by vehicle and decent parking along side streets. In fact, there is an element of bike-ability with several dedicated lanes and bicycle friendly roads and the sidewalks are well maintained. It’s worth mentioning that Kingston Transit services the area well as it is going to and from the Cataraqui Town Centre.

Both Princess Street and Gardener’s road have several street lights to the side streets and traffic moves well. For those trying to get to the 401, there are roads like Creekford that will get you down and around any traffic that might build in the southwest corner of the community.


The community isn’t very old so the houses are in good repair. The detached and executive homes look great with many brick exteriors. Many homes have some decent sized trees growing in the yards, especially the older properties in Cataraqui Woods.

When buying homes in the new subdivisions, the age of the homes will mean you will see updated kitchens and bathrooms as well as furnaces and roofs. On the other hand, the older homes are showing need for those same amenities to be replaced.


As with City South West, though there are a few restaurants and pubs already mentioned, nightlife elements can be found by traveling downtown for the bars or go to the Cineplex Odeon accessed via Gardeners Road south or the Landmark Cinemas which is accessed via Hwy 401.


This community is a great location for those who work outside the city, but wish to live near the amenities that Kingston has to offer. The only drawback is that those amenities are located mainly at the south east corner which will require transit or a car.