Located at the western edge of the city, Amherstview represents an interesting balance. While connected to the city, it is also a hub for Kingston’s western country neighbour, Lennox and Addington. This means the amenities serve both the local community, but also those in the wider county who need to drive further distances. On the east side of Speers Blvd., you will find older neighbourhoods with homes that have hit the stage of needing updates and upkeep, while on the west are new homes and neighbourhoods that are aggressively expanding up County Road 6. Amherstview has seen significant population growth over the last five years and while most of the amenities are found on the southern border adjacent to Hwy 33, the next few years will see significant growth to balance the community.



Serving the community are three elementary schools and a library. Older children have to take a bus to get to one of the inner-city secondary schools.


Fairfield Elementary School                                                            Ranking

Amherstview Public School                                                             Ranking

Our lady of Mt Carmel Catholic School                                          Ranking



Health and Medical

On the front half of the population curve, the existing medical professionals are well situated to service the existing residents, however with such new growth as the community is experiencing, you will find more doctors coming soon.

There are two medical centres, one dental office, two chiropractors, two massage therapists, and a physiotherapist clinic. The community is also well located to access Kingston through Bath road which opens up many other options.


Parks And Recreation

As the east side is older in the community, there are many mature trees. There is admittedly also limited space to build new community green zones. That said, there are a few unnamed green zones and two fair sized parks already, Fairfield and William Pratt Sports Field which has two baseball fields. Parrot’s Bay Conservation Area is just outside of the community along Hwy 33 as is Lighthouse Park at Nicholson’s Point.

W.J. Henderson Recreation Centre is a great place for young families. Not only does it have an ice rink, but a swimming pool that offers both free swim and lessons for all ages. The library is in the same complex which has great parking and easy access from the whole community.

Special mention should be given to Lemoine Point Conservation area which is just around the corner from the community. There are many amenities in the area and they hold several special events.



Most of the retail amenities can be found along the southern edge of the community where Hwy 33 (Bath Road) winds through. You will find easy access to the Loyalist Plaza with most of the retail shopping.

Among other shops, the community has access to a Beer store, LCBO, Foodland, 3 hair salons, 4 pharmacists, and Bank of Montreal on the west end.

With access through Bath Road and Taylor Kidd Blvd to the north, community residents can get to some of the larger box stores such as Bestbuy and Winners in under ten minutes.


Pet Services

The community has a vet clinic and easy access to several more on the west end of the city as well as one a short drive in Bath.


Food and Entertainment

Much like the retail services, many of the restaurants are found to the south east of the community on Bath Road. There are only a few restaurants, three being pizzerias. Bayview Farm Restaurant can be found on the east end if you are interested in fine dining.

Amherstview Golf Club is just north of the community accessed through Coronation Blvd. There is a dance centre on the west end and the community also boasts a volunteer run community centre, Amherstview Community Hall.

As a satellite community for Kingston, most residents will have vehicles to access the city. It is a quick drive to town to access the Cineplex Odeon theatre or up to Hwy 401 and all the amenities it can access.


Transportation and Walkability

A smaller community, there are decent main roads servicing it, however the inlet streets are a little winding along the old portion. The newer section of the community is designed well with easy vehicle access to most amenities. Kingston Transit does service the area with many bus stops for residents.

Though there are many courts and crescents in the old section, the areas are connected via paths for biking and walking for quick passage throughout.


Pride of ownership

Much like everything in this community, both halves are very diverse. While the old half is comprised of many brick or vinyl bungalows, the large yards are in great shape with many older trees. On the other hand, the new side of the community has two story homes with attached garages. Though much care is shown on the design and building of these homes, they haven’t been around long enough to establish any large tree growth.



Most of the nightlife in this community will be found further into town. You can either travel along Bath Road (Hwy 33) to access the Cineplex Odeon and other pubs or up Hwy 6 to access the 401.



This community is a great location for someone who works either downtown or out of town. With a growing community, the amenities haven’t yet caught up with the houses, but as families move into these new homes demand will increase. The community has a great mix of character and value.