Don’t let the rain get you down. Soon enough things will freeze and the snow will fall again. When that happens be ready for what’s going on in Kingston. February has some pretty great events for you and your family.

  1. Kingston Feb Fest – A month-long celebration, Feb Fest promises to offer some amazing experiences for your family every weekend. Among other events, you will find the Historic Hockey Tournament, Hockey Day in Kingston, and the oldest documented hockey rivalry, the Harris Cup, a match that pits RMC against Queens.
  2. Kingston Food Tours – While these tours aren’t exclusive to February, they do have some special days planned. The tours take you on a historical walk through the heart of the limestone city and stop at some pretty special restaurants for tastings along the way.
  3. Take the plunge – If you want a laugh or want to do some good, On Feb 4, you can join the Polar Plunge. Organized to support Special Olympics, you can jump in the frigid waters for a great cause. Are you up for the plunge?
  4. Grand Ole Time – If the cold is too much for you, the Grand has a few events that are worth looking into, most notably, astronaut, Chris Hadfield, and the Debaters. Music, comedy, and all around fun, though some events are geared towards a more mature audience.
  5. High Art – The Agnes Etherington Art Centre has lots to offer during the month, for both adults and children young and old.

Kingston is rich with culture. There is much to do that happens all year round or even seasonal such as skating in Springer Market Square, but if you are looking for special events, there is much to offer. Explore Kingston and her great family events.