The Kingston Canadian Film Festival is more than just a bunch of fan boys and girls throwing a party. In fact, the festival is the largest one of its kind dedicated to exclusively playing Canadian films.

Playing from March 1st to 4th, the festival isn’t long enough. The only consolation is that we’ll be able to find the films afterwards, just not the experience.

This year’s films range from documentaries to zombie flicks. For those who haven’t attended however, they ask themselves why go?

Here are four great reasons to attend the festival this year.



Let’s be honest, we can just as easily sit at home and watch these movies curled up on couch with an endless supply of popcans and popcorn. But that isn’t the same thing as sitting in the theatre, the aroma of salt and butter on the air, the sound of excited voices telling tales of their own encounters with previous honoured guests, or rush of excitement as the lights fade and your chest feels the rumbling thunder erupting from the cinema speakers.

The festival is spread over 7 locations in the city, each worth visiting on any day of the year, let along during the festival.


The Screening Room

Tangu Neuvo

The Baby Grand

Delta Hotels by Marriott  Kingston Waterfront

The Isabel Bader Centre

Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront

The Mansion


2. A night out on the town

With the festival spread over 4 days and half the city, you will have time to explore the rest of what makes Kingston one of the best cities in the world. There are restaurants and bars you can start or end your evening at and during the day you can treat your family to some of the greatest cuisine known to man.


3.Meet the people

A film festival isn’t just about watch the films however. The films being screened are often passion projects and the festival organizers bring together key players, whether directors or actors, as often as they can. You’ll find several Q & A sessions as well as full panel discussions.



With so many films, there’s something for everyone from young adults up. Film can allow you to connect with your family like nothing else, drawing out conversations ranging from the ridiculous to the macabre. But then again, who doesn’t love zombies?

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival has run since 2001, screening over 500 films. If you have the time in March, it’s worth attending, alone or with your family. Make a weekend event of it, you’ll be talking about it for years to come.